On Tricky Words like Privilege

Ah, internet comments; the definition of a love/hate relationship for me. My vague New Year’s resolution of not scrolling through them is but a fuzzy memory, lost behind the indignant rage they so often incite. The other day, scrolling through my Twitter feed, I found what I consider a positive story; the FA admits to… Continue reading On Tricky Words like Privilege

On why we need International Women’s Day

Much like my favourite Twitter profile in the build-up to Christmas is the ever patient, almost saint-like, John Lewis from Virginia who is categorically *not* a retail store, my favourite one on March 8th, International Women’s Day, is Richard Herring’s, who (less patiently but no less diligently) explains to every whining person that International Men’s… Continue reading On why we need International Women’s Day

On Leading By Example

Happy New Ye…oh wait, it’s February. Having discovered that writing multiple job applications not only takes time but also removes my desire to write any more words, I’ve done away with any vague ideas of writing something about New Years’ Resolutions and instead am going back to rugby, as ever. February brings with it my… Continue reading On Leading By Example

On walking off Christmas Dinner

The Boxing Day Walk is, as far as I can tell, a particularly British tradition. An excellent way to make you think that you are a healthy human being despite your gross overindulgences just 24 hours ago, it’s something cheap enough (free) to perk up the most tightfisted patriarch and is a guaranteed method for… Continue reading On walking off Christmas Dinner

On having the painters in

Having the painters in. Being visited by Aunt Flo. The Monthly Visitor. Periods. Half the population get them. They vary from irritating to excruciating, but they are a regular and essentially unavoidable occurrence in our lives for a solid 40 years (yes, some forms of permanent contraception stop them but for the most part we… Continue reading On having the painters in

On being a woman and being angry

This week I’m angry, and for good reason. It’s been a bit of a rubbish week for global feminism if we’re honest. With a hyperbolic and contentious US election that seemed to turn into a fight between a couple of kids rather than any sort of political debate, one thing came through that everyone can… Continue reading On being a woman and being angry

On Women’s Sport Week 2016

This week in the UK it is Women’s Sport Week 2016, an initiative driven by broadcasters like the BBC and Sky, groups like Sport England and Women in Sport, and even the Department for Culture, Media and Sport aka the actual government. From interviews and guest columns on the BBC (there was something good on… Continue reading On Women’s Sport Week 2016