On having the painters in

Having the painters in. Being visited by Aunt Flo. The Monthly Visitor. Periods. Half the population get them. They vary from irritating to excruciating, but they are a regular and essentially unavoidable occurrence in our lives for a solid 40 years (yes, some forms of permanent contraception stop them but for the most part we… Continue reading On having the painters in

On being a woman and being angry

This week I’m angry, and for good reason. It’s been a bit of a rubbish week for global feminism if we’re honest. With a hyperbolic and contentious US election that seemed to turn into a fight between a couple of kids rather than any sort of political debate, one thing came through that everyone can… Continue reading On being a woman and being angry

On Women’s Sport Week 2016

This week in the UK it is Women’s Sport Week 2016, an initiative driven by broadcasters like the BBC and Sky, groups like Sport England and Women in Sport, and even the Department for Culture, Media and Sport aka the actual government. From interviews and guest columns on the BBC (there was something good on… Continue reading On Women’s Sport Week 2016

On curiously British supporters

My mother hates cycling. Bikes, according to her, are evil and deliberately throw you off, and I have literally never seen her ride or even sit on a bike, save the static Penny Farthing in the family photo album. So it would seem more than a little odd that last week she and I only… Continue reading On curiously British supporters

On ogling male athletes

Anyone who watched the Rio Opening Ceremony could not have failed to notice the shirtless, well-oiled, well-sculpted Tongan flag bearer, either because you yourself did a double take or because of the sheer wave of articles and pictures now strewn across the internet. He glistened, he rippled, he completely distracted the attention of basically every… Continue reading On ogling male athletes

On Olympic Positivity

‘I can’t believe it’s been four years since 2012!’ The words on everyone’s lips at the moment it seems. With Rio only days away, and only pushed out of the news by the car crash that is British politics at the moment, harking back to the halcyon days that were the London Olympics is basically… Continue reading On Olympic Positivity